To redirect incoming calls from a selected  Extension to another selected account,log on to Wavetel Customer Control Panel;see the link below.

Customer Control Panel

1- Sign in to your control panel by entering your Username and Password, and click on Login.

2- On the Home page, go to the Control Panel Tab (Top Right Corner ), a drop down menu will occur and then Select Call Forwarding ( as shown).


3- Under Account Forwarding, select the extension on which you want to forward incoming calls.

4- New options will occur,select the order of forwarding, ( As listed,Random or Simultaneous), and Click on Save.

5- Define the Default timeout (in seconds), which is the time passed before the incoming calls are forwarded to the voicemail. And then Click on New Item to Define the Destination.

6-Select the Destination for the incoming calls (a list of all Other Extensions will be shown in the drop down menu).Define the Timeout (in seconds),set the Active tab to ON and click on the save button (Blue), under the Actions tab.