The following is an explanation of the purpose of the Access Number Application 'Holiday Line Management';

Holiday line management allows a user to temporarily suspend their line if they either have no use for it or are otherwise unable to use it; if they were to go on holiday, for example.


This is done by calling an access number which then forwards the user to an IVR script to verify the user; either by ANI authentication or PIN number, and gives 2 options; 1 to disable the line, and 2 to enable the line.


You will have to maintain two products to run the Holiday Line;

The standard product; all allowed rates, mandatory subscriptions, etc.
And one with a single rate for the IVR, with no subscriptions

You should name the products appropriately with the single rate IVR access product prefixed something akin to "[Inactive] Calls", and the active product - with full rates - subsequently named "Calls".

When creating a new account you should assign the "[Inactive] Call" to it, that way the IVR will automatically switch products upon activation or deactivation of the line.